Annals of Liberation

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose…" -- Kris Kristofferson

From the Washington Post: Professionals Fleeing Iraq As Violence, Threats Persist

Excerpt: Iraq's top professionals -- doctors, lawyers, professors -- and businessmen have been targeted by shadowy political groups for kidnapping and ransom, as well as murder, some of them say. So many have fled the country that Iraq is in danger of losing the core of skilled people it needs most just as it is trying to build a newly independent society.

"It's creating a brain drain," said Amer Hassan Fayed, assistant dean of political science at Baghdad University. "We could end up with a society without knowledge. How can such a society make progress?...Professors have been threatened. Doctors have been killed in their clinics. Killing has become common," Fayed said. "Some people believe this is intentional, to try to empty Iraq of its elite." [End excerpt]

Oh come now, Dean Fayed; who on earth would be so devious as to do such a thing intentionally? Or even allow it to happen "inadvertantly" by destroying the nation's society through an unprovoked invasion then deliberately, consciously failing to commit sufficient troops to establish a basic level of security in the conquered land?

Jeez, these whiny Iraqis, eh? Always looking on the gloomy side. What's the matter, don't they get FOX News over there? Don't they know how good they've got it? Man, they're rolling in clover, and still they just moan. Really, the ingratitude of some people.