An Inconvenient Truth: Cyber-Thugs Take Down Kucinich Site

Just hours after Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush, the congressman's website was taken down in what his office called "circumstances that can best be described as suspicious." The site was the primary outlet for citizens to find the 65 pages of thorough documentation in support of Kucinich's charges. The site was off-line for most of the day; long enough to shut it down for the current news cycle -- which barely paid any attention to the impeachment filing anyway: five paragraphs (of the same wire story) buried deep in the national "paper of record," the New York Times and the Beltway's hometown paper, the Washington Post.

The takedown was the cyber-world equivalent of the thuggery now being employed in Zimbabwe against those seeking to remove an illegitimate ruler through peaceful, legal, constitutional means. There too, a lawless, reckless, deeply unpopular leader is sending his minions out to muzzle and throttle the opposition. Kucinich is perhaps lucky that unlike Morgan Tsvangirai's presidential bid (he has already beaten Mugabe once, although the results were skewed to force a runoff later this month), his impeachment effort is regarded as a silly sideshow by the "serious" Establishment. And by most "serious" "progressives" as well; after all, has not Obama himself taken impeachment off the table?

(I must say that this "table" of American politics is a mighty funny thing. Impeachment for war crimes, torture and tyranny is permanently off the table; but all military options -- including the ever-present threat of nuclear "obliteration" of whole populations -- is permanently on the table.  Indeed, it has become the new third rail of American politics, the sacred doctrine that every "serious" candidate must loudly affirm: "a president must never take any option off the table." The threat of massive violence must lurk behind every dealing with a foreign power, every session of "peace talks," every "good-faith negotiation." Call it the Al Capone school of foreign policy. And hey, we hear tell Capone was pretty good at "the table" too -- especially with a baseball bat in his hand.)

In any case, if Kucinich's move represented a serious risk to the Crawford Caligula and his blood-spattered court, he would have no doubt suffered more than a temporary hack job. Perhaps the Praetorian Guard just wanted to make sure that no corporate media outlets would be foolish enough to pick up the impeachment story and run with it. They needn't have worried. Having ignored Kucinich's five-hour presentation on the House floor, the "newspaper of record" swiftly moved on to much more important things, as a glance at its current front webpage shows: McCain Talks Tax Cuts! Obama Courts Christians! Muslim Women in Europe Have Weird Operations on Their Vaginas!

Oh yes, our leaders can sleep well tonight.