Air America: Civilian Death Toll Grows in Somalia

Oxfam, the highly regarded UK charity, says that 70 innocent civilians – nomadic tribesmen – have been killed in air attacks by the U.S. and its Ethiopian "allies" now fighting to install their pet warlords in power in Somalia. From Reuters:

Air attacks against fugitive Islamists in south Somalia in recent days have mistakenly targeted nomadic herdsmen gathering round fires, killing 70, British-based aid agency Oxfam said on Friday.

"Under international law, there is a duty to distinguish between military and civilian targets," Oxfam added, citing its local partner organisations in Somalia for the information..

"Oxfam is receiving reports from its partner organisations in Somalia that nomadic herdsmen have been mistakenly targeted in recent bombing raids," Oxfam said in a statement released in Nairobi."According to the reports from local organisations in Afmadow district, bombs have hit vital water sources as well as large groups of nomads and their animals who had gathered round large fires at night to ward off mosquitoes. Further reports have also confirmed that bombings have claimed the lives of 70 people in the district."

Since the open warfare started in late December, some 70,000 Somalis have fled their homes, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation, Oxfam said.

Not that anyone gives a damn, of course. Darkies? Muslims? Nomads? Big whoop. We're supposed to worry about trash like that when Donald and Rosie are at it again? Listen, if God didn't want us to create collateral damage while we're out there doing His work in the battle against evildoers, He wouldn't have let them bombs fall on those heathenites, now would He? Honestly, some people just don't understand theology at all.