Ain't Gonna Let No Cyber-Thugs Turn Me Around: Empire Burlesque Returns


It will not have escaped your notice that we have had some technical difficulties here of late. The site was hijacked by a vicious group of hackers twice this week and was knocked out of action for several days. Once again, heroic efforts by webmaster Rich Kastelein have rescued the site from the clutches of these nasty little techno-twerps, and we are taking measures to bolster security, although it may take some time before they are all in place. This was a particularly destructive attack, one of the worst yet, and again, all credit is due to Rich for beating back the hordes.

But the fact is, Empire Burlesque is actually under cyber-attack almost all the time. Especially in the past few months, the assaults have been relentless, continuous, from several different directions. Sometimes they get through; most of the time they don't, thanks to Rich. I don't know the provenance of all of these attackers, or their motives, or why they have singled out this particular site. There might be several different, unrelated agendas at work (including good old-fashioned motiveless malignancy). One has suspicions and suppositions of course; but as the attackers swarm at us out of the dark then retreat back into the shadows, there is no way of knowing for sure.

But one thing is certain: we will not be silenced by these thugs. As I said, measures are going forward to make the site more secure; but even if the attacks grow worse, more sophisticated, more crippling, we will keep on going. If we have to operate like pirate radio – a ghostly voice breaking through the static and the jamming whenever we can – then that's what we'll do. Whatever happens, just keep tuning to this frequency, and we'll be back.

UPDATE: We are back on the air, but there is still a lot of work to do to clean up the wreckage left behind by the very destructive attacks, so you may run across a glitch or two while thing are being put right.  Rich is on the case, so it won't be long, but we must crave your patience in the meantime.

In case of another long black-out in the future, we will post new material at EB's sister site, Atlantic Free Press. If AFP is also knocked out (sometimes they get that one as well), temporary blogging will carry on at the old Empire Burlesque site. Again, this is only in the event of a prolonged shut-down. As always, we ask that you keep checking back here, because we will always return.

UPDATE II: Another programming note. We are having some difficulty in restoring the comments section to perfect working order at the moment. We'll get there, but it may take some time. So right now, we won't be able to post comments, although we can see them and will be posting them up later.