A Ten-Step Program for Tyranny

Run, don't walk to the Huffington Post and pick up Jane Smiley's searing, scouring blast of truth, blistering the gaudy paint from the tin-pot tyranny of the Bush Regime. She has managed to encapsulate in just a few thousand words much of what I've been trying to say in my columns for years. One of her most telling points is the way that the American political/media class persists in its delusion that the Bushists can be brought to "reason," made to see the "error of their ways" and change their destructive policies. As Smiley points out, the Bushists are not committing errors; the destruction they are causing to the American Republic, its people and the world is deliberate. It is what they want to do. They want to gut the law-based, Constitutional government and replace it with a militarized klepto-autorcracy -- and they are achieving exactly the results they intend. Anyone who believes otherwise at this point is simply a fool. -- But enough of this paraphrasing. Go directly to the piece now. (Many thanks to webmaster Rich Kastelein for this catch.) .