A Rare Flame in Dark Times: Supporting Arthur Silber

Arthur Silber has long been one of the brightest lights of the blogosphere, making connections that almost no one else sees, and providing a wealth of research, insight, and -- let's put it plainly -- enlightenment that is almost unknown elsewhere in the foul, mephitic darkness of our political debate. In a just world -- or even in a slightly less deranged one -- Silber would be a prominent national voice, heard by millions, heeded by the wise, feared by the powerful.

But his unquenchable penchant for speaking the truth and puncturing myths has relegated him to the digital margins in a media where fools rule and sycophants flourish. He has also been dogged by poor health, which he is battling through with remarkable courage. His blog is now his only means of support, the only way he can keep his head above water -- and keep speaking truth to power, and wisdom to the heart.

In the past few weeks, Silber has been burning with a high, rare flame, producing a torrent of important pieces -- as well as short, sharp jabs of piercing wit. You should get over there now, and start reading. You'll have to dip into the archives to catch up with this astonishing output, but you will be richly rewarded.

And while you are there, help keep this unique source of light burning in our darkness by giving your financial support. He's is dependent on contributions for the most basic needs: rent, food, medical care. If you value learning, eloquence and passion put to the service of truth -- and if you have any coinage at all to spare -- visit Silber's site today and do what you can.