A Glitch and a Pitch

Apologies for the technical glitch that left an insipid place-holder page on the site for a few hours today. The fault wasn't on our end, but our intrepid co-founder, webmaster and champion of all causes, Rich Kastelein, got it straightened out. Anyway, we hope you enjoy those Hoobstank and Wishbone Ash tickets that the place-holder page was offering. You can't say we aren't down with the kids, no way.

This snafu might be a good opportunity to make a pitch for donations. We haven't done that for a long time, and hate to do it at any time. We realize that there are a lot of other priorities out there for people's money. Why, just the other day, I saw a website asking good, old-fashioned working folk -- the salt-of-the-earth types that Hillary Clinton decided she represented half-way through the nomination fight -- to give their salty, hard-earned cash to, er, Hillary Clinton, to help retire the multi-millionaire's campaign debt. And it looks like Barack Obama will be passing the hat soon to pay for his coronation at Mile High Stadium. (Reports that Hoobstank and Wishbone Ash will be opening for the O-Man have not yet been confirmed.)

So far be it from us to take money away from such noble causes. But Rich has procured some brand-new, high-octane servers which should eliminate most if not all of the technical problems that have plagued the site in recent months. The site will be moving to the new digs very soon (during which time there may be a couple of hiccups or delays, but these should be brief and minor). And although a handful of people still give regularly to Empire Burlesque -- generosity for which we are enormously grateful -- we are still absorbing most of the costs of site, which is something neither of us can do very easily.

So if you do have any spare coinage lying around after you've defrayed Hillary or topped up Obama or put a half a tank of gas in your car, you might think of hitting the donate button at the top right of the page. We would be, in the immortal words of Tracy Lord, most beholden to you. But if not, no worries. We just hope you keep reading, and we'll try to make it worth your while.