Presents an Open Source Movie
By... Thousand Miles Production
Directed by Hsing Lee & Tara Bethune-Leamen

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East. Featuring the voices of and interviews with more than a dozen prominent social activists including USMC Major Scott Ritter [Ret], US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, UN Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday and hosted by former US Special Forces Master Sergeant Stan Goff.

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I suggest you watch the trailers and give the movie some time to load.
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I need to convert again and will do so. The Real Media Stream is good.

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The Vancouver-based producers of a provocative, pull-no-punches documentary DVD unveiled their free-to-download work online ( September 11 at Dadabase.

FOCCED is the first in a series that explores the relationship between US foreign policy, domestic budget cuts which hurt the poor, lobbyists in Washington, DC and the electoral process in the USA.

“Fellow Americans ... we’ve been FOCCED,” says narrator Stan Goff, a 22-year-veteran of US Special Forces, former Green Beret, Ranger and member of Delta Force. “The finance, oil, chemical, credit, energy and defence industries on Wall Street have hijacked the electoral process and turned the federal government into a slot machine designed to do nothing but pay out jackpots.” Step by step, Goff and his guests explain the how and why of 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, and the so-called war on terror.

Three years in the making, FOCCED is two hours and 27 minutes. It is distributed by Thousand Miles Productions, a BC registered not-for-profit educational society,